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I would like to share that I have been reviewed/studied codes of C#/.net based typical algorithm & data structure problems through this blog. I have been wished to get more knowledge of the advantage of the C#/.net core through this study. If you have more or better ideas, please don’t hesitate to give me any feedback.

Github : :

Contents :

1. Foundation

  • Big O
  • How to solve problems?

2. What kind people a company looking for?

  1. Analytic Skills
  2. Coding Skills
  3. Technical Skills
  4. Communication Skills

3. Companies know Googling 🙂

  • They wish to know how to solve & use

4. Data Structures

  • Arrays
  • Trees
  • Stacks
  • Tries
  • Queues
  • Graphs
  • Linked Lists
  • Hash Tables

5. Algorithms

  • Sorting
  • Dynamic Programming
  • BFS + DFS (Searching)
  • Recursion
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